What are the largest hospitals in the world

How many patients can fit in a hospital? The Spanish average is about 900 beds per hospital. However, there are hospitals much larger than that. Let’s find out which are the largest hospitals in the world.

Ahmedabad is the seventh largest city in India, and the Civil Hospital is its main public hospital. It is located on a sprawling 445,154 square meter campus and offers 2,800 beds. It is consider the largest hospital in Asia, with 80,000 surgeries perform each year.

Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital China

This hospital is the largest in China, and is known for its practice of traditional medical medicine, although it is not clos to other specialties. It employs more than 1,300 workers, of which 150 are high-level medical specialists, and its medical services are consider to be of high quality.

The largest hospitals in the world

The hospital has six specializ buildings and offers 2,200 beds for its patients, making it the largest hospital complex in buy phone leads all of Latin America. It was found in 1944 and is associat with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sao Paulo.

Royal Melbourne Hospital Australia

The Royal Melbourne welcomes 85,400 patients each year and is one of the best regard in Australia. Founded in 1948, it was the city’s first hospital.

Serbian Clinical Center

The Serbian Clinical Center is the largest hospital in Europe. In terms of number of beds, it is actually the largest in the world, with 3,500 beds available for its patients. The center is located in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and boasts of having 28 institutes, including 11 surgery institutes, and performing more than 30,000 surgical interventions each year.

Hospital of the Clinics of the University of Sao Paulo Brazil

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, also known as Soweto Hospital, is located in the south of Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently it is the largest hospital in the world, at least in size, since it occupies a territory of 700,100 square meters.

It was built in 1941 for British and Commonwealth soldiers, although it later serv all the inhabitants of the area. The hospital employs about 6,700 workers and has 3,200 beds. Have you been to any of the Book Your List largest hospitals in the world? Tell us in the comments.

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