How to make a giveaway and choose a winner Now also with reels


Raffles are usually a common tool in social media to achieve different objectives: increase in followers, engagement, notoriety, reach… In this article we are going to explain step by step how to do raffles and contests on Instagram and with which APP to choose the winner. But first, we are going to point out two concepts that are often confused: the differences between a contest and a raffle . instagram giveaways Contest vs. Giveaways: It’s not the same. It is essential to make clear the difference between a raffle and a contest in order to know what we are really referring to at all times and what may interest us most depending on what we intend to achieve. What is a social media contest.  A contest is when the winner or winners are chosen after having achieved the set objective.

Main objectives  giveaway Instagram How

The photo with the most votes will be the winner or “Whoever gets the question right or when a jury is the one who decides who deserves the prize. From experience, if we are going to propose a contest, we always opt for a jury to choose. Otherwise, the user who has the greatest ability to call or who is willing to use all types of techniques to obtain company data votes will win. And when I say “all kinds of techniques” I mean buying votes by weight. Yes, as you read. There are pages that sell as many votes as you are willing to pay. And they are not expensive! Therefore, if you choose the first option, specify who is part of it. My recommendation, in this case, is to make it up with influencers.

Hashtag photo or video contest

who have met the required requirements. However. When I say “system that offers guarantees”, I do not mean putting the names of all the participants on pieces of paper, putting them in a ballot box and recording on video Book Your List or broadcasting via Facebook Live – which can become very trending – how an innocent hand draws the name of the winner. If 3,000 people participate, we can be making papers until after Easter. And how to avoid this? Very simple, using one of the applications programmed for creating raffles that we are going to discuss in this same post. Main objectives of a giveaway on Instagram. As I pointed out at the beginning, with thesey.

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