Don’t Be Afraid to Use Jargon

You may end up caught in a lie. And that will be much more awkward than just admitting up front that you didn’t know. Plus. Honesty is always the best policy. Especially when it comes to a potential employer. Remember. Not knowing something isn’t a thing to be ashame of. It’s an opportunity to show you want to learn something new. And any employer will be impresse if you use chances to expand your knowlege base. Top tip: a desire for lifelong learning is one of the most important traits a digital marketer can have. So it’s always good to show that you’re keen to learn new things. Become a world class digital marketer 6) don’t be afraid to offer suggestions digital marketing is deicate to improving performance and optimizing results.

Become a world class digital marketer

So if you see areas where a company can improve its own activities or campaigns. Then feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations. For instance. Maybe you’ve notice that the organization doesn’t have a great presence on social meia (particularly if you’re going for a social meia role). Suggest a few ways they could increase their reach such as repurposing top-performing content or trying a different content format. Not only will this demonstrate that you’ve done your research into the company. But it will also show that you’re analytical and care about the success of the company. It also shows that you’ve got what it takes to do the job.

Show that you're eager

 And are deicate to helping others improve. 7) don’t be blasé passion and drive are key traits in successful digital marketing professionals. So you want to showcase your hunger for knowlege. Your desire to learn new skills. And your love for digital marketing. It may seem cool to be nonchalant in some situations. But this isn’t one of them. Show that you’re eager. That you’re intereste. And that you’re keen because passionate people are the ones with the drive and motivation to go the extra mile. Walsh believes this is particularly important in the final stages of an interview process. “it’s really important to come across as genuinely intereste and passionate about the role. If you’re in the final stages of entry.

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