Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Tell them why you’d be a good fit for the firm you’re interviewing with. And how your skills and knowlege fit the requirements the company is looking for. “it’s important that you really highlight what you’ve achieve within your current role. Talk about promotions. Talk about awards. Talk about how you’ve gone above and beyond. Maybe is it a testimonial you’ve gotten from a client or a customer. But ensure that you’re really selling yourself as best you can.” walsh advises. “you’ll have 30 or 40 minutes to impress this audience. If you don’t. Unfortunately. They’ll move on to the next candidate.” the best way to prepare for this is also the simplest: read over your resume before the interview.

They'll move on to the next candidate

This will help refresh yourself on the courses you’ve taken. The knowlege you’ve acquire. The jobs you’ve had. The experiences you’ve been through. And the things you’ve done to help other companies or brands to reach their potential. 4) don’t be afraid to use jargon digital marketing is a specialize field with its own terminology. Technology. And metrics. And you should know something about these things before going to an interview. That doesn’t mean you should spend the entire interview throwing around jargon. But you should be familiar with important topics that matter to a company like call-to-action. Click-through and bounce rates. Conversions. Ga4 and local seo. Walsh would advise people to avoid usually acronyms or jargon at an interview but believes for digital marketers it’s a necessity.

Click-through and bounce rates.

“within the marketing space and specifically in the digital space. There are so many buzzwords and acronyms. It’s great to throw some of those in there if you know that that company would use those regularly.” this doesn’t mean you nee to be an expert and know everything about digital marketing. But you should have enough relevant experience and a basic understanding of the practice to be able to discuss it with confidence. 5) don’t pretend to know things while there’s a lot of jargon that gets use in digital marketing. You should resist the temptation to pretend you know a term. Or the ins and outs of a particular technology when you don’t. For one thing.

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