Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is a powerful, free SEO tool that analyzes traffic and monitors the SEO health of your website. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools It provides valuable insights that can help website owners understand and analyze their websites’ traffic patterns and the keywords that drive the most traffic to their sites. Benefits Monitors and tracks your website’s organic search traffic Tracks the keywords that drive traffic to your website and lets you get insights into their SEO data Identifies which sites compete for the same keywords as yours Comes with other helpful SEO features 

Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is designed to help you understand . The behavior of visitors to your website. It provides access to heatmaps . And session recordings that show how people interact with your website, including what they click on category email list and where they spend their time. Heatmaps allow you to gain insights into user engagement, interactions with widgets, and design . Changes. As well as seeing potential issues such as dead clicks and rage clicks (when someone thinks an element should be clickable and keeps hitting it to open).

Ahrefs’ Traffic Checker

With Ahrefs’ free traffic checker, you can quickly check organic traffic generated by any website or page. No strings attached. You can do it an unlimited Book Your List number . Of times and don’t need to set up an account. Ahrefs’ free website traffic checker . Benefits Lets you get an estimate of any website or page site traffic Provides a list of top pages and keywords driving traffic to the website Identifies which.  Countries drive the most traffic How to use it Go to . Ahrefs’ free traffic checker Enter the  .URL of the website you want insights on Ever stumbled across a site. Aand wondered how much organic traffic it gets.

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