Evergreen Content Explained 2 Key Ingredients for Success

It needs to target an evergreen topic Evergreen topics are topics with consistent interest over time. For example, as long as formal wear is required, “how to tie a tie” will be an evergreen topic for the foreseeable future. On the other hand, “Liverpool F.C. in Singapore” is a non-evergreen topic, since it only occurs occasionally (2009, 2022, 2023). It needs to stay evergreen The content needs to continue to be relevant long past its publication date. For example, this video on how to tie a tie was published in 2012. But the process remains unchanged, so there’s no need to update it. Google acknowledges it too, which is why this video still ranks high

How to create evergreen content

Hidden within the criteria is the “formula” behind how to create evergreen content. Namely, find timeless topics and create content that stays relevant. Here’s how: 1. Find evergreen topics Finding evergreen topics is all about staying away from time-sensitive topics and focusing on topics that are searched for consistently on Google. Here’s how to find these topics: Go to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer Enter a relevant keyword Go to the top industry data Matching terms reportyear: Search results for “best wireless headphones” So if you want to rank for this keyword, it’s likely you have to follow suit. FURTHER READING Search Intent in SEO: What It Is & How to Optimize for It Cover important subtopics If the top-ranking pages cover similar subtopics, 

Create evergreen content

Creating evergreen content means making something that will be relevant no matter when it is. It should show Google that it deserves to be the best result today, tomorrow, and many months from now. How do you do that? Match search intent Search intent is the why behind a search query. Google wants to rank only relevant content, so it seeks to understand why searchers are searching. So if you want to rank high, you’ll have to match search intent. To identify search intent, look Book Your List at the top-ranking results for your target keyword. For example, if we look at the top results for “best wireless headphones,” we see that most people want to see a list of the best wireless headphones this 

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