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He can independently select the desire department without connecting to the operator for this. This saves managers’ working time, they devote more time to solving important issues, instead of manually transferring calls. Automatic call processing is possible at any time, including weekends and night time. This powerful tool is include in Cloud PBX . But its return is reuce due to misuse: long greeting (longer than 10 seconds) advertising while waiting for a response too complicate menu structure All this provokes not a purchase, but a call rejection. If you have a classic parade of bad decisions,get rid of them. Urgently. How to Use an Extension Number Effectively It would be a great idea to attach personal managers to some clients.

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As the Pareto principle says, only 20% of the efforts bring us 80% of the results. If you apply this principle to sales – only a fifth of customers bring in the most profit. Identify these people. They nee to attach personal managers to them. Use the extension number service to give assigne employees a separate tool. This short Bulk SMS Philippines number can be transferre to the client so that he can quickly get to his manager from IVtechnologies have seriously reuce the cost of long-distance communication. The provider does not nee to use regional operators to make a call. The low cost of communication is one of the main advantages of IP telephony.

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You will not get confuse by the numbers of the tariff plan. No hidden options and conditions under an asterisk. Only a stable subscription fee from 490 rubles per month for a set of options you nee. Merge branches – pay less Reucing Book Your list communication costs is real. At the same time, you do not nee to refuse to communicate with branches in other cities of the country. On the contrary, you can combine them into one corporate network with a single multichannel number. At the request of the subscriber, separate internal numbers are assigne to departments and divisions. These are short telephone numbers by which you can contact any employee.

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