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Parkin tim parkin is a consultant advisor As video continues and coach to marketing executives globally. He specializes in helping marketing teams optimize performance accelerate growth and maximize their results. By applying more than 0 years of experience merging behavioral psychology and technology tim has unlocked rapid and dramatic growth for global brands and award-winning agencies alike. He is a speaker author and thought leader who has been featured in adage adweek inc techcrunch forbes and many other major industry

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Also a member of the american marketing association society for the advancement of consulting and an inductee to the million dollar consulting hall of famhis wife jennifer and either too many or too few dogs.time report. Optmyzrs sidekick is a generative ai that provides advertisers business database with comprehensive insights and optimization recommendations for their ppc ad accounts. It offers performance summaries performance eplanations optimization suggestions and account highlights. Klues ai-generated strengths and weaknesses

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Where we’verom past behavior to make bets on future customer behavior. Good that data is driving predictions all over the place. But that said I’m a bit annoyed about AI as a mere buzzword. It’s fine — essential Book Your List even — for companies to search out ways to harness AI to improve their current products and open doors to new offerings. But let’s stop adding AI to every tagline irrespective of whether data modeling is really part of the product. OK I’ll stop griping. Third it’s encouraging that entrepreneurs are coming up with

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Categorizes thousands of customer reviews from different online platforms to instantly uncover competitorsstrengths and weaknesses. Drifts drift engage site concierge and bionic chatbots are new products Book Your List that leverage ai to create. Personalized always-on omnichannel buyer eperiences. Site concierge is a dedicated space on businesseswebsites that provides eperiences unique to each site visitor. Bionic chatbots leverage generative ai to understand the businessown content and deliver more accurate and efficient conversations. Drift engage can automatically score the real-time intent of every website visitor and

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