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Craft your email so that it makes sense to the reader. Make it as quick and direct as possible. Additionally. Create an easy way to respond. Such as offering a link to your calendar to schule a demonstration or giving them your number to call at their convenience. Remember previous contact always start from the assumption that the people you contact have as much to do as you. It’s polite and helpful to remind them why you contact them. Leave the previous email in place of your follow-up. Or give the person you’re talking to a quick reminder of what you mention.

Include a cta that prompts your contact to respond

For example: “In my last email I mention the Africa Email List possibility of arranging a quick phone call if you want to discuss this further. Is this something you’re interest in?” give them a boost if you give your recipient something that’s easy to respond to. You increase your chances of getting a response. Include a cta that prompts your contact to respond. Such as “Reply ‘yes’ if you want more information” or “Can I set up a quick zoom call to talk you through the program?” better yet. Encourage them to hit the “reply” button by offering something of value if they do.

The best follow-up email examples vector illustration

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You could offer a free digital ebook if they respond to set up a meeting with you. The best follow-up email examples vector illustration  Book Your List  of people receiving emails. Laptop and tablet. And email sender holding a sign image by serhii g. From pixabay the possibilities for writing follow-up emails that get responses are virtually endless. Here are some examples of common types of follow-up emails to give you inspiration. Quick reminder if you want to send a simple reminder of a previous email.

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