Characteristics of the dental clinical history

As in any other aspect of life, information is vital to prevent the appearance of certain types of problems, or to know how to act if one of them has already occurred. We have countless documents that store data about who we are, our characteristics, registration numbers, etc. Equally or more important, then, is to have the relevant documentation related to all those health-related problems or processes that we experience in our years of life. So, what are the characteristics of the dental medical history ?

The dental medical history is a document similar to any other medical history, with the main difference that, in this case, the document is adapt to contain information regarding the dental health of a specific patient.

Characteristics of the dental clinical history

The dental clinical history is a document that contains a written account, arranged chronologically, about all the free telemarketing leads episodes related to dental health that occurred for a patient. The health professional is in charge of writing this report, which will include an assessment of the patient’s general condition, and other data such as the pathology to be treat, the method to treat said pathology, and any other relevant data.

This document is vital for any patient to check the effectiveness of a treatment, prevent emergencies and know how to act in specific cases. In addition, it greatly facilitates the work of a dentist at a specific time, since he will have all the previous information to know how the patient has reached the current circumstance.

In this section you will find all the patient’s data, both the affiliation and those that have to do with the previous general history, and the patient’s attitude, knowledge and behavior regarding their dental health.

What is a dental medical history

Physical exploration
The dentist performs a complete physical examination of the patient’s dental health status. It includes the meticulous examination of all teeth, in addition to the soft tissues and bone tissues of the mouth, dental occlusion and negative habits. All of this information is not within the dental medical history document, including the problems encountered and possible solutions.

Supplementary tests
Once possible problems have been detect, more specific complementary tests are carri out to verify the extent of said problems and choose the most appropriate treatment to solve them. At this point, the dentist will also carry out a final assessment of the case, which will be record in the document along with the rest of the information.

Taking into account the characteristics of the dental medical history is vital for there to be a positive relationship between the dentist and the patient, so there must be complete collaboration between both at all times. Only in this way is it guarante that the document has true and detail information, something necessary for the Book Your List dentist and especially beneficial for the patient. It is also important to know that the medical history is a valid document both from a medical point of view and from a legal point of view, which could lead to problems if it is not done correctly.

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