How to set up a physiotherapy clinic in 5 steps

So far, the path to becoming a physical therapist has been pretty easy. Studies, university, exams, degree… You already have everything at the administrative level to start practicing your profession, the problem is that accessing the labor market becomes complicated at times. One of the best solutions to be able to do what you really want is to choose to set up your own physiotherapy clinic , something for which you need the appropriate guidance if you do not want it to become an odyssey.

You have all the necessary knowledge to work as a physiotherapist, but you lack the basics of how to set up and manage your own business.

How to set up a physiotherapy clinic in 5 steps

The first thing you should have is a place to start your business. Own or rented premises, of adequate size and with the how to buy phone numbers in bulk necessary facilities. Before choosing it, take into account the area in which it is located, the ease of getting there, the nearby competition, etc. Your main objective is to attract customers, and that can be complicat if you settle on the outskirts, in a city with few means of transportation.

Of course, the initial investment is important when opening your own business. For example, the budget will indicate which areas of the city you can afford, what renovations the premises need, the material and staff that will work with you, etc. It is important that you try to adjust at all times, because you could have losses that are difficult to face, especially at the beginning.

The bureaucracy part is the least motivating, but also necessary if you want to have everything ready as soon as possible. If your premises need renovation, you will have to request the corresponding building permit. The opening license, which is requested from the City Council, and the health license will also be necessary.

Material and human equipment

Depending on the size of the clinic, you will need equipment in terms of material and personnel to be able to start working. You will also have to think about the services you want to offer to acquire a specific material, although you can always start with the most basic and add things little by little over time.

Clinic management
Before you open and start receiving patients, it is recommended that you get a professional data management program, which allows you to work correctly from day one. Manage your physiotherapy clinic if you opt for quality software, such as Clinic Cloud , where you can protect your patients’ data and keep the administration and accounting of your clinic up to date.

If you follow these 5 steps on how to set up a physiotherapy clinic , you will be able to start practicing your profession sooner than you imagine. Arm yourself with patience at first, because all businesses take a while to Book Your List get going, but don’t despair. We can help you make managing your physiotherapy clinic easier than you think, for this we offer you our professional software adapted to physiotherapy clinics and consultations.

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