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The customer lifecycle tracking Here a guide user behavior to accelerate upsells and renewals. STRATEGY Teamwork: Marketing team dysfunction is a constant challenge in medium-to-large enterprises. OnLoop intends to fix that with a productivity app to provide consistent ongoing feedback to employees and improve the value and results of performance reviews. Especially in today’s WFH environment better tools for performance evaluation and peer feedback are welcome. Competitive intelligence: Crayon automates the drudgery of

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Competitors and even helps you craft strategies to counter their moves. What a godsend. So what to make of this all First in the B2B world where marketing and sales work closely together the lines between and sales tech become b2b email list more blurred than you find in B2C. Which is why some sales-related technologies have landed on this list. Second AI is everywhere and deservedly so. It’s a thrilling new resource for marketers and especially satisfying to those of us who came up through the world of database marketing

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b2b email list

Where we’verom past behavior to make bets on future customer behavior. Good that data is driving predictions all over the place. But that said I’m a bit annoyed about AI as a mere buzzword. It’s fine — essential Book Your List even — for companies to search out ways to harness AI to improve their current products and open doors to new offerings. But let’s stop adding AI to every tagline irrespective of whether data modeling is really part of the product. OK I’ll stop griping. Third it’s encouraging that entrepreneurs are coming up with

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