7 Things to Avoid in Your Digital Marketing Interview

Going for an interview can be a nerve-racking experience. especially if you’re going for a new type of job and aren’t completely confident in your skills. As the demand for skille digital marketers continues to grow. there’s also a lot of competition out there for roles with great prospects and benefits so it’s worth putting time and energy into doing the best you can to get that interview right. But when preparing for a digital marketing interview. there are things you can and should do to get yourself ready. as well as a few things to definitely avoid. Plus. many interviews now take place online which adds a new dimension to the interview process (here’s an article for some great online interview tips).

The interview is a case of make or break

Let’s find out some of those important don’ts that you should keep in mind during an interview to ensure that you pass with flying colors to make it to the next round. “The interview is a case of make or break. It’s there for you to really shine and really highlight what your skills are. So preparation is going to be key.” Eimear Walsh. Managing Partner of Alternatives & a Director of the Brightwater Group 1) Don’t be ignorant about the company Just as companies want people who are passionate and driven.

Research the company and look at the location

they also want team players who care about the growth and success of their company. It’s up to you to not only show knowlege about the company but also a passion for what it does. By researching before the interview. you can demonstrate why your goals and skills are in line with what the company wants to accomplish and show that you’re a candidate who can help them achieve their goals. “Research the company and look at the location or locations the company is in. Look at the functions and products and services that they offer. Look at the website.

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