How many dental clinics are there in Spain

You just have to walk around the Spanish streets to realize that there are many dental clinics. It is a flourishing business, given that the population is increasingly concerned about their oral health. In this post we reveal how many dental clinics there are in Spain and other interesting statistics about the sector.

The latest data, from 2017, shows that there are 21,628 dental clinics register in Spain. Regarding the number of dentists, there are 35,550 registered dentists.

This leaves our country with a high ratio of dentists per person. If the WHO recommends that there be one dentist for every 3,500 inhabitants in Spain, the ratio is 1 for every 1,700.

How many dental clinics are there in Spain

Other statistics on the situation of dental clinics in Spain
The autonomous communities that have the phone lists for sale most dental clinics in their territory are Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia. The three group together 50% of the establishments.
Regarding the number of dentists per clinic, Madrid leads the ranking with 2.3 dentists per clinic, followed by Murcia, Valencia and Catalonia with 1.8, 1.7 and 1.6 each. The average at the state level is 1.6 professionals per clinic.
The majority of clinics in Spain are private, although franchises and insurance companies are opening up an increasingly larger gap and already occupy 5.6% of the centers, with approximately 100= franchise clinics and approximately 400 from insurance companies.

Regarding the habits of the Spanish

39% of dental clinics do not reach 250,000 euros in annual turnover; 37% invoice between 250,000 and 500,000 euros; 18%, between 500,000 and one million euros; 4% exceed one million euros, and only 2% invoice more than two million euros per year.
Within the franchises, the Vitaldent chain dominates the market with 335 open clinics and a turnover of 400 million euros annually. It is closely followed by Dentix , which continues to rise.
7 out of 10 adults have been to the dentist less than a year ago. The most common reasons for going to a clinic are check-ups, dental cleaning and fillings.
Those who do not usually go to the Book Your List dentist do so, in 56% of cases, because they believe they do not need it. The next most common reasons are economic causes and dental phobia.
40% of Spaniards say they have had oral problems during the last year.
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