What is Internet security and how to guarantee it

Today, February 6, Safer Internet Day is celebrated around the world. A date dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of safe internet security . This year’s theme is Create, connect and share respect: a better internet starts with you.

What is Internet security
Internet security is a branch of computer security that is dedicated to identifying and preventing all threats that affect the network of networks. Basically the Internet is used for the exchange of information, information that may be at risk. Among the most common dangers that affect users and web pages are.

Privacy and security measures on the internet

DDoS attacks: DDoS attacks consist of making a large number of requests to a website in a short period of time to purchase phone lists cause it to go down. As you can see, there are several threats that we face when we browse the Internet. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself from them.

The first basic security measure on the Internet is to have an antivirus. They are the first protection filter against threats and there are quite interesting free solutions. Any connected device must have antivirus protection, and that includes tablets and smartphones.

Safety when browsing the Internet is largely

Passwords are another security gap that must be controlled. You probably have an account on Google, Facebook or Twitter, to name a few well-known services. But if you are tempted to always use the same password for convenience, think twice because it is the opposite of what computer security experts recommend. In addition, having a different password for everything, these must be sufficiently secure and difficult to guess.

If you are responsible for a clinic, you must ensure that your patients’ information is completely safe. Clinic Cloud, our cloud clinic management program not only facilitates the management of patients’ medical history but also ensures that you strictly comply with the precepts of the LOPD.

Common advice includes avoiding suspicious websites most Book Your List antiviruses detect this type of virus. Secure websites have an SSL certificate, which means that the URL of the website will have an https instead of an http.

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