How to make a business card for your clinic

In a world dominated by the Internet and new technologies, anyone would say that business cards have passed away. However, you would be surprised how many people order one when people pick one up at the clinic counter or directly ask for one.

And business cards continue to be the preferred method for many people to always have a company’s data at hand. It is therefore an important element in your corporate image. How to make a business card for your clinic ? We share the keys of graphic design experts.

Nowadays we find business cards of all kinds, some frankly original. However, there are some standards that should be taken into account.

Keys to creating a business card for your clinic

Let’s start with the shape and size . The most common shape is rectangular and the standard measurements are 85 mm long by 55 mm wide. These are the ideal measurements so that the telephone lists card fits without problems in any wallet.

The text on the card should be legible, and that means choosing an appropriate font size and clean typography. Among the most common are Arial and Helvetica. The goal, we repeat, is not to have “pretty” handwriting but to make it look good.

As for color, it is important that the text contrasts with the background. Green, blue and pink, all three in light tones, are the most common colors since according to color psychology they are associated with relaxation and well-being. You should avoid using more than 2 or 3 colors on the card, so that it does not become too busy.

What should a business card include

Don’t forget that the card must be in line with the rest of your corporate image. For example, if you always use pink in your advertising material, it would not be appropriate for your business card to come in blue. And the pink didn’t even appear.

Name of the contact person recommended to achieve a more personalized feel and their position within the clinic.
Clinic social networks.
Brief list of services.
It must be taken into account that the size of the Book Your List card does not allow for too much text and that it must be visible.

Logically, if you are looking for a professional design, it is best to contact a graphic designer to carry out the work always following your instructions.

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