Interview With Julián Casanova Uclés Physiotherapist

We return with our interview cycle. On this occasion we have had the opportunity to interview Dr. Julián Casanova Uclés, physiotherapist of the Spanish Tennis Federation and director of the XAMMAR FISIO ESPORT PILATES center in Mataró, who tells us about his work and his use of Clinic Cloud on the day a day. Interview with Julián Casanova Uclés
I am a physiotherapist specializ in the sports and trauma field, I currently direct the group of physiotherapists at the XAMMAR FISIO ESPORT PILATES center in Mataró and I am the physiotherapist of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation Davis Cup and Fed-Cup teams.

Could you briefly explain to us what your job entails

I have always been link to the world of sports and I was attracted by the part of helping the athlete when they are injur, so the telemarketing lists part that attract me the most because of the connection to the day-to-day life and being close to the player was sports physiotherapy.

What are the most common problems you see in your consultation?

In the consultation, in addition to athletes, we also serve all types of profiles of people with problems, especially at a trauma level. We are realizing that in increasingly younger profiles many of the consultations are due to overload due to physical activity with too much load or “extreme” and this has consequences on a physical level. In profiles of older patients, the most frequent pathologies are those of the articular and generative types.

What would you highlight about that program

Do you remember any special case that has passed through your hands?

Each case is special and must be treat as such, but it is true that cases that are not “usual” or that are a little out of the ordinary in the consultation are motivating to be able to develop and think about more complex and efficient.

What impact have the Internet and social networks had on your daily life as a health professional?

The Internet is the window that, when used properly, offers advantages in terms of information and accessibility to content that was previously more difficult to obtain. Social networks are the showcase where we “teach” or show the activity or news that may have an impact.

How long have you been using Clinic Cloud in your practice?

Clinic Cloud we have Book Your List been using it in the consultation since January 2015 and the truth is that it is an important part of our consultation. The ease of use, the ability to consult it from any device and the customer service they offer.

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