4 Customer loyalty strategies for clinics

Customer loyalty strategies in clinics are based on improving patient satisfaction. How to get it? We give you some guidelines so that whoever visits your clinic repeats.

Customer loyalty strategies
As a general rule, clinics have an easier time building customer loyalty than other companies. They will change physiotherapists so often, for example.

The key is that users seek to establish long-term relationships with their health providers. If you want to increase the chances that a patient will make you their “trusted doctor,” you can implement some of these strategies.

This way it is always easier to come back

1 Loyalty programs
The most common strategy to keep patients is to offer discounts or rewards on future visits. For example, a dentist could give away a telephone number list free oral cleaning for every four visits.

Another tactic is to partner with local businesses by offering discounts to their customers. A good example would be a physical therapy clinic that offers discounts to gym users.
2 Proactive customer service
It is important to take care of the relationship with the patient, promoting appreciation between both parties. A patient appreciates nothing more than when the clinic calls them from time to time to inquire about their condition or sends them a message to remind them of their next appointment. This last functionality is included in our clinic management software.

A person can shop in several supermarkets

3 Reduction of waits
One of the things that bothers patients the most is long waits. Therefore, if you want to provide a good experience to your customers, you must prevent them from spending more than 5 minutes waiting to be served. In this sense, shift planning that minimizes waits without neglecting the time spent caring for each patient is essential.
4 Use social networks
Most of your patients use social media on a regular basis. It is a fantastic place to communicate with them and answer their questions. Post regularly on social media through your clinic profiles and encourage your patients to interact with you.

You will also have the Book Your List opportunity to proactively address patient complaints, and it may even help you get to know them better.

What other customer loyalty strategies do you implement in your clinic? Which ones work best for you? Comments are open.

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