Experience With My First Infoproduct and the

What is an infoproduct? How to sell infoproducts on the Internet? What are the best-selling infoproducts? I’m not going to talk to you about this, but about my experience with my first paid infoproduct, my mistakes so that you don’t make them. Whenever you hear about digital products, they always sell you the “motorcycle” like everything cool, thousands of euros in sales, etc…Well, I’m going to tell you about my experience with my first paid infoproduct. The errors, the problems that I have detected and some of their causes , in case you are interested in seeing.

Something more real

Than just the “fantastic” things that they sell you out there… I’m going to tell you the story of a bar owned by a friend of mine, Juan, when we played soccer. Juan was executive email list another member of the team, and we all got along very well. One day he decided to combine football with a parallel project so as not to depend only on football. We all loved the idea and encouraged him to take the plunge. We helped him as much as we could in spreading the word about the bar among our acquaintances and social networks. And when it opened it was a success. Totally full and Juan happy with life. The days passed, and a lot of us always went to the bar after training. Juan always gave us free beers and we loved that. We had a great time…

 The boy wanted to

Look good with friends and acquaintances, but he did not realize that this was not the way to run his business. It was impossible for the business to Book Your List be viable if he gave everything away for free. And he began to realize it. From the moment he started charging for the drinks, like in any other bar, people stopped going to his bar (or went less). Result : a year after opening his business he had to close it. He wasn’t selling enough to continue. This was a story that I wanted to tell you so that you can see the importance of knowing who your Steakholders are , something that Juan has not taken into account and the danger of working for free for your personal project. And it is closely related to my experience with my first paid infoproduct.

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