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Therefore, I thought so too. But in October I have been giving a presentation in Milan (Italy) at one of the largest Digital Marketing events in the world ( Digital Marketing Conference – SMXL MILAN 2019), and there another of the speakers Mark Preston (an SEO expert) spoke about how I had gone from WordPress to Wix and its excellent SEO results. If you want to see Mark’s study, check out this post . World Battle I was amazed because I had always heard that Wix pages did not rank well in Google and that they caused a lot of problems and in the end it was not that way. 

Maybe I'm missing

Something good and I don’t realize it… And to counter this negative thinking towards Wix SEO, the company itself has created a contest for all SEOs (fans and haters of Wix SEO). It’s a World executive data Battle in which Wix SEO will be put to the test. The battle will take place between lovers (fans) and haters (haters) of Wix SEO, and to carry it out, the company is recruiting two agencies that will fight to rank higher in the search results for the keyword “Wix SEO” on Google. The one with the best position will win more than 22 thousand euros. How to participate in the Wix SEO Battle? To participate, lovers (fans) must create a website on. 

World Battle other hand

There will be detractors (haters) who will create a website. On any other platform, and will use their own SEO tools and tricks. To achieve a better position with the Book Your List keyword in the search results on Google. How does the Wix SEO Battle unfold? The SEO and social media marketing expert, Lukasz Zelezny , will be the one who chooses the two SEO . What’s more, I confess that after that presentation I really wanted to create a new project in Wix just to try it out. Wix and use their SEO tools to try to position themselves as high as possible in search engines for the WIX SEO keyword.

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