Interview with Doctor Germán Macía Colon from Icifacial

Today we bring you an interview with Doctor Germán Macía Colón, head of the icifacial clinic, specialized in easy aesthetic surgery. Dr. Macía has kindly agreed to answer some questions about his work and the use of Clinic Cloud, a program he uses to manage his clinic.

Interview with Doctor Germán Macía Colon
Could you briefly explain to us what your job entails?
I work as Director and Surgeon Doctor of maxillofacial aesthetics at Icifacial Madrid. In our clinic we help patients change or improve their face through surgery or aesthetic treatments. We are dedicat exclusively to the face and neck, and we mainly focus on rhinoplasty nose, blepharoplasty eyelids, facelift and facial fat treatment lipofilling operations.

How long have you been using Clinic your practice

I decided to dedicate myself to it when I finished my specialty in maxillofacial surgery about 9 years ago. I love performing cosmetic facial surgery because it requires a lot of skill. It is also very demanding because the usa telephone book face is a very visible part and you have to be very precise and know how to evaluate the aesthetics of each person very well. But seeing the results after the operations in our patients produces great satisfaction.

3 What are the most common problems you see in your consultation?
From a clinical point of view, we treat many nose problems with rhinoplasty. People dissatisfied with the size or shape of the nose, especially in young patients. In middle-aged patients, we treat many eye bags and drooping eyelids.

From the management of the clinic, our problems are more related to the management of patients on the agenda. A great coordination of people is needed to attend to all daily requests.

What would you highlight about that program

I have many very interesting cases of patients with many nose complexes or who did not like their physical appearance and after the treatment received they appear very satisfied and happy in their lives.

The cosmetic surgery sector is very competitive. Without a website and visibility on the Internet it is very difficult to compete today, unless you have been in practice for many years and have many references. The impact of the Internet is enormous. Many patients search for information on our pages, but they also visit other websites for opinions. Spending on digital advertising has grown to be able to get clients, and we are very active on our Facebook page Icifacial, answering queries from many people as quickly as possible.

We have been using Clinic Cloud in Icifacial since the beginning of 2017, and we are very happy with the tool. Patient management has been greatly facilitated. The program is very easy to use. We have also gained efficiency.

The program can be used on any device connect to the Book Your List network. Everyone in the clinic knows how to use it and has received training, and they use it every day to see the progress of the patients: from the first appointment to the check-ups.

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