Most used social networks in 2017 and which to use clinic

Knowing the social networks that your target audience uses is important to know where to focus your presence on social media. We already know the list of the most used social networks in 2017. We are going to distinguish between general networks, those that your potential patients could use to resolve their doubts about health, and professionals.

Twitter is on its way to replacing traditional media. In fact, there are many news that appear on Twitter before any other medium. Its immediacy and the brevity of the tweets make it a great communication tool with patients.

Most used general social networks in 2017

With 800 million users around the world, Instagram is one of the social networks that has grown the buying phone numbers most in recent years. It is a social network for publishing images, so at first it seems of little use in the health sector. However, it can be useful for aesthetic clinics, which can show images with the results of their treatments.

Although many people see YouTube as a video portal rather than a social network, it also falls into this category. Many clinics take advantage of this platform to upload explanatory videos of the interventions they perform. Seeing how a professional does their job is a good way to promote yourself and gain the trust of potential clients.

Facebook continues to lead as the most used social network, with a whopping 1.86 billion users. Therefore, it is the essential place for any company, including those related to the health sector.

Most used professional social networks in 2017

The best way to use Facebook is to create a fan page where you can share quality content. You can also create a group and link it to the page. Facebook is a great channel for promotion and interaction.

Social networks such as LinkedIn or Xing are designed for job searching and creating professional contacts. It is precisely this last function that is most interesting for health professionals who can make contacts and share information of interest with other colleagues.

As for the differences between Xing and LinkedIn, they are few. LinkedIn was the Book Your List first to appear and Xing is considered the European LinkedIn.

How many of these social networks do you currently have a presence on? Which ones give you a better result? Tell us in the comments.

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