What does it consist of and what are its advantages

Mobile medicine is designed to meet the needs of people who can’t (or don’t want to) see a doctor in person. From a prevention perspective, getting people in touch with primary care doctors and specialists is more important than ever.

Stopping problems before they start or in their early stages can dramatically improve longevity and quality of life. Almost half of adults suffer from some form of chronic illness, with 7 in 10 deaths in the West attributed to diseases such as cancer or heart disease.

In mobile medicine, it is the medical staff who goes to where the patient is and not the other way around.

Good proof of the mobile emergency rooms

Mobile emergency rooms are intended for use in disasters of all kinds, such as 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina. These types of rooms can handle everything from telemarketing leads for sale ankle sprains to emergency surgical interventions.

The mobile emergency service of the United States Department of Defense. It has a fleet of 15 vehicles with two 43-foot trailers and one 15-meter trailer with expandable sides. Within the compound there are critical care beds, an operating room, a portable field laboratory, digital X-ray and sonography systems among other equipment.

Other types of mobile medicine

More and more mobile dentists are appearing, especially those designed to serve populations that have difficulty obtaining dental care, depressed areas, children and the elderly.
renatal care

A 2010 study of women in similar demographic categories found that those who used mobile prenatal services had fewer premature births and low birth weight babies than those who did not have access to such care.

Rural hospitals often have limited cardiology capabilities. Rather than subjecting a patient to the trauma of transport, sometimes it is better to bring qualified care to the area. Oklahoma State University Medical Center is one such rolling cardiology unit, providing smaller hospitals with Book Your List its literally life-saving portable testing services.

Mobile clinics are ideal for people who need a basic checkup, but cannot afford to go to a doctor’s office.

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