Steps to create a successful psychologist consultation

If in our previous post we reviewed the legal requirements to open a psychological consultation in Spain, this time we are going to stop at the steps to create a psychologist consultation , from its opening to getting the benefits clinic.

1 Prepare a business plan
The business plan is a document that describes the business idea, examines its viability, establishes objectives and defines the strategy to achieve them. As you can see, it is a very useful document to organize yourself and put your ideas in order.

Although the business plan is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Furthermore, in the event that you need financing to start your query, all investors will want to know your business plan.

Steps to create a successful psychological consultation

2 Define your services
The definition of the service catalog depends on your medical specialty and your interests. Given the increase in the phone list number of psychology consultations in Spain, it is a good idea to specialize to find a niche of patients where there is not too much competition.
3 Find a place to start the activity
You can set up the consultation in your own home if it is adapted for this or rent a premises. In any case when looking for the ideal location you must take into account your services. For example, a child psychologist’s office should be in a residential area.

Another increasingly popular option is teleconsultation. You can offer your services online or combine in-person and online service.

Promotional material business cards brochures

Before opening the doors of the consultation, it is important that you have completed all the legal procedures required by the Administration, including the business opening license. If not, you may have problems in the future. It is recommended that you inform yourself at the Department of Employment about all the paperwork.
4 Create an identity
Identity is the image that the customer has of a company. The identity of any company must have the following elements:

The objective is to have an attractive, coherent and recognizable identity.
5 Promote the clinic
The most difficult step is to obtain an initial portfolio of patients, for which it will be necessary to publicize your business in different ways: advertisements in the local press, positioning on the internet, opening promotions.

Your success as a private psychologist depends not only on your talent but also on your management skills. At this point it will be very useful to have management software for psychological clinics like Clinic Cloud. Many psychologists already use our Book Your List program to streamline the day-to-day running of their clinic, achieving significant improvements in organization and productivity. Try our free demo and discover everything Clinic Cloud can offer your business.

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