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You can communicate with clients on your own, or entrust one of the employees. Before buying, everyone has doubts. Help him overcome them, and then you will get a grateful buyer. For this, a telephone is neee – it is a sign of trust, an open face. You can be contacte at any time and discuss different aspects of the product. Do you want to increase the number of hits? Don’t forget to use the callback widget. The system will automatically process applications and create a call queuFor the author of the article, the answer is obvious: business coach, coach, consultant for building training systems in trading companies Lidia Spevak – FOR scripts.

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The article provides a rationale for the importance of scripts for handling objections and describes the mechanism for creating scripts, teste in practice in 3 retail chains. Let’s start with some theory David Rock in his book The Brain. Instructions for use. How to get the most out of your abilities without overloading tells us that parts SMS Gateway Lithuania of the brain such as the limbic system (responsible for emotions) and the prefrontal cortex (responsible for logic) are competitors for limite brain resources. As soon as one of these parts is strongly overexcite, the existing resources of the brain are pulle to it, and as a result, the second one experiences inhibition.

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Let us explain If at some point in time we are under the influence of strong emotions, then a complex logical question addresse to us and intereste in us can make us “forget” about our condition and completely switch to thinking through the answer. On a physiological level, this means that the thought process has le to a pull of resources from the limbic system to the prefrontal cortex, and, as a result, the limbic system has Book Your list calme down, and with it we. And another example If our limbic system is overexcite, it is difficult for us to think logically and make the right decisions, because. at this point, there is a significant outflow of resources from the prefrontal cortex, responsible for logic, to the limbic system. How does all this relate to sales? Imagine the situation A sales manager is casually communicating with a customer.

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