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Entree the top 1000 best managers in Russia, taking second place among the top executives of telecommunications companies. In addition to him, the TOP-1000 Russian Managers rating, organize by the Association of Managers of Russia and publishe by the Kommersant Publishing House, includes four more top managers of OJSC MTT: Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance Marat Bilyaletdinov, Deputy General Director – Director of Business – Unit “Business” Denis Shirokiy , Corporate Communications Director Anna Boyko and HR Director Tatyana Oleinikova. The TOP-1000 Russian Managers rating has been publishe annually for 18 years and is a tool for an objective assessment of the professional reputation of leading Russian managers of the highest echelon.

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During expert voting, the best top managers evaluate the success of their colleagues. The rating sums up the work for the year and identifies the most professional managers in Russia, leaders in their industries and functional areas, according Bulk SMS Slovakia to the representatives of the professional community themselves. For more information please contact: Lützau Daria Press Secretary of JSC “MTT” Tel(499) 709-01-01 Mob. tel(903) 764-30-56 OJSC Interregional TransitTelecom (MTT) is a feeral operator of long-distance and international communications. MTT ensures the organization of effective interaction between more than 300 networks of cellular operators and more than 100 networks of fixe-line operators in Russia among themselves and with most foreign operators.

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Today, MTT’s portfolio includes IP-telephony services for individuals calls are receive from any device (standard phones or softphones) are not tie to a geographic point (can be use in any region of the country) There is only one difference, and not too significant: for outgoing calls 8 -804 is determine by the subscriber. Why does a Book Your list business nee a “free” number Are you afraid to take on extra expenses? It is reasonable, but you can’t argue with the numbers: more than 30% of customers call, first of all, they call just such numbers. The phenomenon is explaine simply – the client does not want to spend his own money on a consultation with the operator.

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