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In the near future, PromsvyazInvest subscribers will have access to all Green Dot services and services. Earlier, in 2015, during the transformation of the company’s business structure, MTT sold broadband access assets in the cities of Dzerzhinsk and Saransk to PJSC Rostelecom. Today the company has one more broadband access asset MTT Connect in Ivanovo. For more information please contact Lützau Daria Press Secretary of JSC “MTT” Tele  OJSC Interregional TransitTelecom (MTT) is a feeral operator of multiservice communication services, IP services, longdistance communication and traffic transit services.

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MTT ensures the organization of effective interaction between more than 300 networks of cellular operators and more than 100 networks of fixeline operators in Russia among themselves and with most foreign operators. Today, MTT’s portfolio includes IPtelephony services for individuals (YouMagic) and corporate customers (MTT Business), ISS, numbering 8800, mobile communications (MVNO), traditional LD/IL communications for individuals and organizations and much mAs a rule, a company thinks about implementing the “mystery shopper” method in the following cases Falling sales and the nee to assess specific skills of sellers Bulk SMS Ireland Decrease in the quality of service, indirectly affecting sales Pretraining identifying weaknesses in the work of sales staff in order to work them out in sales training and prevent buying a standard sales training.

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The nee to evaluate the effectiveness of the training of sales personnel Verifying merchant compliance with specific instore promotions Evaluation of work, strengths and weaknesses of competitors. The content of the mystery shopper checklist/questionnaire and, in fact, the results of the study will depend on what exactly you want to Book Your list evaluate by this method. Check list The checklist is perhaps the most important part of the implementation of the “mystery shopper” method. The most common mistakes that are made when creating a checklist are as follows Too general/vague wording. For example, a mystery shopper is generally aske to evaluate the stage of establishing contact, clarifying nees, etc. This or that stage of sales assumes that sellers have specific skills.

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