Social trends 2022

 Social trends for the new year that every brand needs to know. This year too we are at countdown time. In addition to the countdown, this is also the time to take stock of the past period. And plan for future goals . Knowing what’s new in the field of communication and marketing for 2022 is essential for every brand. Evaluating the outlook for social media is a great place to start. As always, the social media trends 2022 report from is an invaluable tool in this operation. What will be the social trends for the next few months. And how can you get inspired for your business? Let’s discover 6 trends together starting from the report.

Why is it important to know social trends

New ideas, new technologies, new europe email list processes. Whether it progresses slowly or faster, in every sector, the discovery of different paths, of cutting-edge mechanisms is inevitable. The password is always the same: update. It is necessary to constantly inform and train to progress . This must happen not only for the specific technical aspects of your sector, but also for what concerns communication and the relationship with your customers. In short, you can’t help but know the trends of the future. Specifically, social trends help you. Take full advantage of the possibilities offered by social platforms. Define a specific web strategy starting from what people like overcome competitors.

Social 2021 data

Before delving into the exploration of the future, with data in hand, let’s see how it has gone so far. What happened in the social world? 14% increase in people using social media. Over 2.8 million active users on facebook, followed by 2.3 million for youtube. 58 minutes were spent on average on facebook, followed by youtube with 40 minutes. The undisputed BO Leads protagonists were them: the videos. The shorter they were, the more people loved them. And – here’s a little spoiler  this will be the trend for next year too. It is estimated that more than 80% of web content will be video clips.

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