Software to schedule medical appointments online

Managing patient appointments is part of the daily life of any medical clinic. A task that sometimes becomes a pain to deal with when you have to distribute several appointments during the same day, cancel or move some. Luckily there are many computer tools that speed up this task as much as possible. One of them is Clinic Cloud, our software for scheduling medical appointments online.

It is difficult to fit several medical appointments into the same day. Things get complicated when there are also several professionals in the clinic, each one with their own appointment schedule. Using appointment management software avoids the most common problems such as two appointments overlapping in time or someone forgetting their appointment.

Why use software to schedule medical appointments

With this type of tools, the patient can conveniently request an appointment via the Internet, easing the clinic’s workload. Each program has phone lists its own features, but Clinic Cloud brings together the most useful ones according to medical professionals.

For example, thanks to Clinic Cloud you can:

Choose the hours in which a patient can make an appointment
Assign a professional to each appointment always avoiding overlaps
Receive an alert every time a patient books an appointment
See the appointment schedule of each professional at all times
Consult medical appointments from any device with an internet connection
Create and modify appointments at will
Send automatic appointment reminders to patients
And all in compliance with the new regulations regarding data protection.

How to schedule a medical appointment with Clinic Cloud

How Clinic Cloud works to establish medical appointments is very simple. The patient only has to enter the program through the clinic’s website, choose the day and time and, depending on the case, the professional, fill in their personal information and confirm the reservation.

Of course, as a professional you have the possibility of scheduling a new medical appointment. Within the program you can select the agenda where to make the appointment, choose the day and time among those available, search for the contact to make the appointment or add a new patient if it is not yet in your database, select the data of the appointment and confirm.

Try Clinic Cloud free for 15 days and you Book Your List will see how easy it is to manage your medical appointments from now on. More than 93% of those who start using Clinic Cloud continue with us.

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