The 30 best books on Online Marketing and Advertising

The 30 best books on Online Marketing and Advertising. Books are magnificent allies when it comes to learning. In these days of being at home, reading is a great option to grow professionally. This is a list of the best and most recent editorial proposals around marketing, social media, web design and entrepreneurship. Select the ones you like the most and get them right now! Remember that not all valuable information is in blogs. Many of the most serious investigations and the most interesting works continue to be published in books, like the ones we propose to you today.

The best marketing books of the year

The best marketing books of the year. This year we found very varied books. Most point out as a common factor. the sociological impact of technology and how new consumer behavior is setting. the guidelines for the marketing strategies of our companies. We are behind if we continue without addressing. the emergence of new business models such as Airbnb. Uber or the strength of marketplaces such as Amazon or AliExpress from. the Alibaba Holding. Brands are misguided if they continue to believe email contact list that Millennials. or any Generation born with a smartphone under their arms. are only a scarce segment of the population that is part of their target audience.

BIG DATA As a business asset

BIG DATA As a business asset. It never hurts to talk about data in the marketing sector. It has been relatively easy for us to incorporate current advertising formats. social media, open dialogue with customers. the transparency that digitalization forces us to. However, it is still difficult for us to work with such. a large and increasingly growing amount of Book Your List data. We don’t know what to do with so much information. That is why it is so important that publishers. bet on these books every year, because we still do not have things clear.

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