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Protect user data Last but not least: security is another important aspect of Google ranking. To check this, the search engine analyzes whether your pages are protect with an SSL certificate . It encrypts information enter by users and offers The practice more protection for browsing and data use. In fact, Chrome itself, Google’s official browser, warns the user that a website is not secure if it does not have this certificate install, which can be negative for conversions . This means that, if you work with sales on your website, the lack of security will have a direct impact on the customer’s.

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purchasing decision , who will not feel confident closing a deal. So, are you ready to put all this into practice and appear on Google? Count on specializ help from a Digital Marketing agency !When SuperPro Bettanin approach new database us, back in 2021, its biggest desire was to explore the potential of digital to achieve more business opportunities. The company, which is part of the InBetta group, manufactures professional cleaning products and equipment. It has the largest.

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Mix of items for institutional hygiene in Brazil , and has its own formulas for high-quality products! Her main objective, then, was to take these products to distributors and service providers with the help of Content Marketing . And of course BooK Your List we took on the challenge of ensuring that the quality and variety of these excellent products reach the right people! Check out all the details of this success story: Cleaning the house One of our biggest challenges, right from the start, was competition.

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