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This relates the company to its location. Helping with local searches for people who are in the region where it operates . In addition if this isto. Of course, allowing customers to know a .little about it before even arriving at the location. Interesting. Right? Another interesting point is that your .company also appears on the gps of all drivers who use .google for navigation. Being another way to become visible to customers .
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Have a responsive layout With the advancement of mobile technologies and the increasing use of mobile devices to carry out searches on the new data Internet, Google has given priority to websites that have a responsive layout . “ Responsiveness ” is the ability to adapt to different screens . Smartphones are one of the most us devices for If this is browsing, which require content design for smaller screens. So, if you haven’t already done so, invest in responsiveness and user experience.

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Philips case We know the importance of providing a good user experience , and Philips believ in our work to create a digital BooK Your List environment integrat with the marketing strategy! We participate in the Promotion: Guess Champion , valid If this is for the 2010 World Cup . Check out the structure: Creation of responsive websites Do you want to build a responsive digital environment ? Click here to understand how we can help! Tip: 4 reasons for your company to have a responsive website 8.

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