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 In other words: if your links are optimiz, relevant and people feel compell to click on them, you will certainly be well position in the SERP and receive many clicks. These clicks can become leads and, once the lead trusts your brand, they will do whatever you suggest they do — especially if it’s with you! The power to generate qualifi leads , once these are done, is achiev by placing new content on the SERP at a time. And of course, with the dominance of several pages in search results , the audience also grows! Digital Marketing directs this audience to the sales team and, in the end, profitability is as high as your company’s leadership in the sector.

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 Now tell me: understanding SERP isn’t worth a little effort?! Tip: Why isn’t your content generating leads? Discover the reasons! The structure of the SERP We want to attract more leads and more clicks! It is to be expect that each search engine — and each different device displaying the search engine — will display the SERP in a personaliz way. Even if reorganiz, some elements are common across platforms : Organic results appear in a separate part from paid results; Videos appear separate from images; And, with the popularization of Artificial Intelligence , small summaries have appear at the top of the SERP with links to the sites from which the excerpts were taken.

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 Can you see that we’re not “just” talking about a page with search results? There is a wide variety of content and features that can be display on the SERP. It’s like a utility belt: whatever your growth nes, there’s an element of the results page that can significantly impact your business! I will talk about them below. How a content empire increas sales by 1783% From 0 to 50 thousand visits per month: Organic at the top of Google SERP Features Each of the SERP features (or “resources” in our language) is design to make the most of your business’s visibility and generate clicks.

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