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It is an investment made once (or from time to time), capable of generating continuous results for any Internet business! The best part of investing in SEO — and paying attention to the SERP — is that organic lead traffic doesn’t depend on Companies like  paid mia to grow . On the contrary: SEO causes a “snowball effect” that may gain momentum with paid ads, but will attract customers organically. Leads (potential customers) are searching on Google for : Answers to the doubts they have; Solutions to the problems they face; And facilitators for the desires that move them.

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SERP offering any of these three materials with emotional value (which affects the lead’s life for the better), it’s your brand that they start Latest database to trust. Here it is also important to bring an acronym well known to Digital Marketing professionals : CTR . In English, Click Through Rate is the number of clicks on a link divid by the number of times it was display on the platform. Clicks ÷ impressions = CTR And what does this have to do with SERP? Well, considering that a high CTR serves as an indicator that your content is well position and relevant , you can use it to evaluate which links are performing well and which ones ne improvement.


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CTRs for each organic position on Google : Average CTRs for each organic position on Google While the first position has a rate of 47% , the second 17%, the third 11%… So you can understand why the second page of results is consider the “Google cemetery”! Furthermore, SERP features (which I will explain further below) also tend to have high BooK Your List CTRs. Google’s organic results history , for example, shows that: Organic content in “relat questions” has, on average, a 98% rate; And organic results in “images” have a CTR of 78%; An organic link in the “knowlge panel” has 70%.

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