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He understands his customers – men and women who are fe up with standard cosmetics. Lush does not sell products. Instead, it sells a point of view on defining beauty, seeking a focus on natural ingreients, unique solutions, and sustainable ways of doing business. The brand also offers a unique retail experience. Customers entering their stationary store can count on professional advice and even try the product before buying. To me as a consumer, this differentiation strategy definitely speaks to me. One of the easiest ways to make your company stand out from the crowd is to use the right branding techniques.

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A brand is an association, connotation or idea associate with a company, product or service. Some of these associations can be actively promote by marketing solutions and the definition of one’s own corporate identity. On the other hand, part of the phone number list brand identity is impossible to control because it is influence by customer experiences and opinions. One example of a widely recognize brand is Coca-Cola . Her differentiation strategy is a masterpiece. Notice that it’s not just the name or product that sets it apart, but also the choice of colors, the curvature of the bottles and glasses, the way it sells, and even the history of the brand.

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Its marketing scheme is perceive by masses of customers as original and unique. All dark, carbonate drinks other than Coca-Cola remind us of a copy of an authentic brand. Thanks to careful branding, Coca-Cola has become a company worth Book Your List approximately $84 billion in 2020. Community Blog We recommend Sales support with excellent customer knowlege Why is it worth implementing a differentiation strategy? Having a brand differentiation strategy has probably never been more important than it is now. Online business has made most industries that also operate online (basically all industries!) increibly competitive. Any Michał, Sandra or Jacek can create a cheap website with a free logo and write something about “being unique” on it.

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