This is the Only Best Way to Match Them

Try holding the spindle with one hand, and pull it up or push it down (don’t force) to see if there is any loose movement in the main shaft (there shouldn’t be).

Many times I have seen a spinning reel that has just come out of the box and the main shaft is not tightened properly on the spinner bearing.

Although it can be tightened with only half a turn of the screwdriver, but if it is not paid attention to, it can result in the reel losing important screws on the rotating components and gears.

Match With Rods If you want to match a new reel to an old rod or vice versa

Take your rod to the shop and try to fit the Whatsapp Mobile Number List reel to the rod.

Sometimes the base of the spinning reel is too big, wide, pointed or small to fit neatly on the rod.

The rod may be longer or shorter than you expect or not suitable for the reel you want to buy (even the color coordination is not right).

6. Assess the X Factor
If you’ve never heard of the brand, that’s no excuse not to give it a shot.

As I said at the beginning, there are too many new brands trying to break into the market and some of their products are quite good and some are ‘unwearable’.

It’s hard to know what good it has to offer.

So really investigate the reel you want to buy not just for the model on display

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7. Shining is not necessarily gold
Remember, a shiny new reel doesn’t stay that way Book Your List after a few fishing trips.

Manufacturers Put Excess Metal-plated. Plastic on the Reel to Make It Look. Nicer and Sleeker, but the Erosion Problem Still Increases.

Shiny Objects on Reels Often Require. More Attention (Such as Polishing After Being Exposed. To Salt Water) to Prevent Damage and Fading.

That’s why they are there and don’t want to read the statement after returning home.

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