To a Tribe Will I Never Achieve My Goals

Therefore, What is a Quality Community on the Internet ? Is it really what we have always been led to believe? How many times have you heard the saying “if you don’t belong to a group or “tribe” you will never be able to achieve your goals”? After two and a half years investigating this world of 2.0 and observing many of these tribes, having belonged to some of them, I wanted to write about one of the topics that generate the most controversy. To a Tribe What is a quality community? Yesterday while I was giving a presentation at the VIII Week of Social Networks and Communication in.

Castilla someone asked

When do we know if our community is of quality? And that question reached the final colloquium where each of the speakers answered according to what company data they thought. And I kept reflecting on each answer and thought here is a good topic for a post… Currently there are many tribes of bloggers, marketers, SEOs, intellectuals, hipsters, runners, posh people and many more. There is something for everyone. And it seems that if you don’t belong to your sector you will never be able to stand out. Therefore,  For me, all this takes me back many years, back to the time when I was growing up when there were “cool groups of students” at school, and if you didn’t fit into one, you were a weird guy, who wasn’t cool or they didn’t count on you.

To a Tribe whatever

Therefore, Perhaps the need to belong to tribes, “groups”, has been generated by our current academic and work environment, where we are told that we must work in Book Your List community, in groups, and that if you don’t you are not integrating into that project. . It may be true. But I ask , what if your group or community. Is not interested in progressing or working at the same pace as you, what do you do? Do you just follow them, just to be integrated and have a better chance of achieving the goals of the “boss” of the group? Therefore, A few days ago, speaking with a friend of whom I have great appreciation a.

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