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Did you know that nowadays any of us can be hacked? I suffered it myself a few weeks ago and I tell you that it is not pleasant at all… but, almost worse than that is what follows when you realize that you have not only the problem of disinfecting the website, but that you have to eliminate the 1000, 5,000 or 10,000 (to say the least) bad urls that point to your website. Do you know how to delete And if one URLs from Google without going crazy? Hello cracks, today I bring you a more technical post about something that I have been forced to learn and that I think may be interesting for you, in the end you never.

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As you know, my website was hacked a few weeks ago. And after the ordeal of discovering it, disinfecting it and seeing . How it plummeted in traffic, I still had executive data one final gift left… and that was that I thought I had about 1,000 bad. URLs pointed to my website, a little gift of the Japanese. And when I started to delete toxic Imagine the feeling you are left with… Now I only have 3,000 something left. Better not even think about it Of course I am not SEO. Nor technical with these things (I suppose many of you are neither) and when they have advised. Me to delete all these bad URLs because when Google had it, Google would look at me. In a better light and perhaps re-position some of my articles, I didn’t think twice and got to work…

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Know, but the tool used to eliminate these types of URLs is Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). Of course I knew I should delete all of these urls. And I Book Your List went at full speed, but can you imagine having to delete 10,000 bad URLs page by page? This is how I was left at the end of 2 days of deleting URLs one by one… This way of eliminating URLs is valid and the one that many of us use, but when it comes to eliminating a few URLs… What happens if we have to eliminate hundreds or thousands of URLs? Would you know how to delete URLs from Google en masse? So that you don’t end up like me, I’m going to tell you about a way to massively delete URLs from Google with Search Console. 

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