Guide to Increase User Stay Time on Your Web Pages

The time spent on the page is one of the metrics to which we must pay. The most attention as part of our work in Digital Marketing. Guide to Especially, this indicator is key to measuring the penetration, reach and results of the actions of a Content Marketing strategy. That seeks to make a brand relevant and visible through its value. By virtue of the above, we will share this complete guide on the time spent on the page. Where you will not only find a list of good practices that you can apply to increase it, but also specific reasons why improving this metric is so important in a strategy. of Digital Marketing .

Guide to Greater Authority in Search Engines

Yes, the time spent on the page has a direct email database relationship with SEO . By obtaining a high average, the algorithms of Google and other search engines will assess that your site is professional, relevant and useful, which is why they will give it priority when creating their results lists and defining the SERPs. Of course, when it comes to search engine optimization, there are many other aspects that come into play, such as popular keywords. strategically within the Marketing funnel, having greater possibilities of converting it to a Lead and then to a customer.

Incorporate Internal Links in Texts and Articles

Logically, the abandonment rate is high when users Book Your List find few options and alternatives within a certain web page. Due to this, it is essential to promote a truly comprehensive experience that invites the user to. Stay on the page and enjoy the multiple information it offers. In this sense, a strategic practice is to place internal links in articles and texts that also respond to doubts and concerns that the user may experience as they interact with content. For example, if you prepare material on intelligent management tools for companies and include ERP systems in the list, you should include an internal link to some extensive and in-depth content that you have produced about that solution.

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