Precise Strategies to Increase the CTR of Your Results

Attracting new visitors, especially for marketing. Technology and e-commerce companies, requires very different methods from traditional ones. Precise Strategies Increasing the CTR or Click Through Rate with SEO or through Adwords ads is the new norm and, for this, we will show you the best tricks and strategies that you can use in this regard. For Digital Marketing professionals who are not familiar with Internet advertising and SEO, increasing CTR can be very frustrating at first. The thing is that advice on Ads tactics and organic online traffic only takes you to a certain point and does not go further. 

Actions to Increase the Organic CTR of Your Website

In case you were wondering, SEO and CTR have a email leads very intimate relationship, in other words: search engines consider that a website is popular by the rate. Of impressions and clicks (CTR) and to increase this indicator you must be well positioned. , that is, optimize the pages to reach the top positions. One feeds the other. In this sense, organic CTR is essential to position a website, which results in conversion. Opportunities, business generation, online visibility and brand recognition . Now, speaking specifically about those techniques aimed at impacting your organic results on Google, whether it is a blog. A website or a virtual store, we have compiled the best tricks you can follow to increase CTR organically.

Write A Great SEO Title

If your blog has a CMS or a content Book Your List management system. You must have some section where you must define the main theme of your website, blog, post, among others. To increase the CTR you must pay special attention to the Title Tag, that is. The meta title that you establish so that it appears on Google. In WordPress , this title is different from the one you put as the. H1 heading of your content, because it fulfills the function of stimulating the user to click on. Your page on Google, so it must be defined based on this objective.

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