The best clinic directories in Spain

Medical directories continue to be a reference place when searching for a health professional. If you have a clinic or office, they can help you increase your visibility and reach more patients. However, the list of directories is almost endless. Which ones to be in?

Below we bring you the list of the best clinic directories in our country.

Doctoralia is the reference directory for searching for medical professionals in Spain. It brings together more than 30,000 medical centers and offers interesting services such as the possibility of booking an appointment online.

You have two registration options, one free and one paid. Obviously the paid one has more functionalities. Every year Doctoralia launches the Doctoralia Awars, where it recognizes the clinics and professionals most valued by patients.

Best clinic directories in Spain

With a fairly well-kept appearance, Top Doctors Spain stands out. It is not a generalist directory, in the telephone number list sense that any clinic can sign up, but the clinics that request it go through a scrupulous selection process before being admitted.

Abcemedico is the best positioned clinic directory on the Internet. Allows you to search for clinics by city, specialty, disease or treatment. The files for each clinic include user opinions.

For a small monthly fee, the clinic can appear first in the search results or have an expanded file.
The website has a search engine for hospitals, centers and clinics with data based on the ‘National Catalog of Hospitals’ of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

It is possible that your clinic already appears

The QDQ guide is common in Spanish homes and its online version is also widely visited. As a business directory it has information on many businesses, including clinics of all types. – TopRated is a directory where you can see the best-rated specialists in each sector, rated and ranked to find out who is the best in each operation

BeMyDoctor is a business directory. It is one of the most consulted directories of doctors in Spain and with the best reputation. As the owner of a clinic you can add your company if it does not yet have a Book Your List file or request that data be added to it if it has been created, as well as consult doctors by specialties.

Does your clinic already appear on any of these Internet portals? Do you know other clinic directories that are worth including in our list? Share them with everyone in the comments.

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