Greater Effectiveness in Email Marketing Strategies

Are you starting your mailing strategy and don’t know how to put it to work? Do you know the email marketing tips most recommended by some of the best experts in the sector? In this post I make a compilation of those that I have seen mentioned the most times and if everyone recommends them it will be for a reason. Greater Effectiveness Now that Email Marketing is so fashionable, I think it is a good time to make a compilation of the essential actions according to some experts that we should not stop carrying out in our mailing strategy.

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Start with your email marketing strategy or do you want. To improve conversions and opening rates in your newsletters? This post may be useful to you. Without executive email list further ado, we start with the actions that. I have read in the best positioned posts on this topic. Some of them are Luis Villanueva , Dean Romero or Franck Scipion . According to Luis Villanueva, some things that we should take into account in our email marketing strategy are: 1. Correctly select our Email Marketing platform First of all, Luis recommends us to select a professional tool, some of the options are: Acumbamail : the Acumbamail email marketing tool is a very interesting platform since it has a panel in Spanish, it also allows us to schedule shipments or have access to advanced statistics. MailChimp: I think everyone knows this one and it needs few introductions.

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Therefore, Recommended if you are starting out in email marketing. Luis highlights, among other things, his Autoresponders function. The Best Alternatives to Book Your List MailChimp for free in 2023 AWeber: the third option that this crack gives us and highlights its ease of use and autoresponders. 2. Know your best time to send emails Another of the key tips that this expert gives us is that we must find our best sending time in order to have more possibilities of improving the opening rate of our emails. He recommends performing several AB tests until you find the schedule that best fits the optimal one.

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