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Shift from third-party data to first-party . Data and look beyond the basic open rate metric to measure engagement and performance of an email. Campaign. But above all, they need to create and send more engaging emails. Optimization for mobile devices Statistics indicate that in 2022 there were 4.67 billion active mobile internet users worldwide Creation of concepts and that 59.72% of global online traffic originated from mobile phones. In addition, the importance of mobile marketing has become evident with the emphasis that Google has been placing on mobile devices in the last decade. We need to embrace responsive design , use AMP email technology to Creation of concepts create interactive content and give potential customers quality experiences on their mobile devices . Given that email design elementsfor desktop content don’t translate well to mobile, what should we change to increase engagement? Refine the text before the header.

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Best practices for conventional email marketing are based on the “subject” line of the message. On mobile devices, the text before the header offers additional characters that can encourage the recipient to click. Make sure the subject line and pre-header text France Phone Number Data relate to each other to form a cohesive message, and personalize the text. Use buttons, not links . Place calls to action (CTAs) as high up in the text as possible and use buttons instead of text-heavy links. Buttons stand out more and are easier to click on a mobile device. For a better user experience (UX), leave enough white space around the button. Previews can translate into engagement . On a mobile screen there is very little space.

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So, just like with the subject line and pre-header text, make sure you pay enough attention to the preview, as it can influence the user to interact with your email and click. The layout of the columns is important . Use a single column Book Your List layout for text-based emails, as they allow for quick reading and allow for more pronounced headers. Multi-column emails are ideal when the content is varied and includes images. WSI has access to a global digital marketing network and can help you develop a digital strategy capable of achieving extraordinary results. Do you want to know how to enhance your current strategy with the latest email marketing trends? We invite you to contact us today.

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