Privacy the focal point

Leverage data, analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) to hyper-personalize your communication to create highly target experiences tailor to each recipient. more interactivity Some people like quizzes because they find it entertaining and rewarding to see how many correct answers they get. Have you ever participat in a Twitter or LinkIn poll? Some consumers don’t want to read text-fill promotional emails; rather, they want to feel like they are part of a brand by interacting with interactive content. An interactive email with elements that invite the reader to tap, swipe, view, or click increases user engagement. However, not all customers want to engage interactively, and email marketers have to customize the content of the message to make it work for the target audience. Why should you create interactive emails? Because they translate into more engagement, better conversion rates, more shares, generate customer feback, and increase the generation of qualifi leads.

Optimization for mobile devices

Have you heard of AMP emails ? Accelerat Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source project that originally came up with the idea of ​​improving the performance of web pages for mobile devices . This technology has evolv and today allows AMP email New Zealand Phone Number Data recipients to interact with dynamic content directly in the message without sacrificing the security of user data, since it does not allow third-party advertising functionality to be includ. What are some interactive elements that you can use for this, the second trend in email marketing in 2023? shopping carts product pages image carousels Videos and animations gifs quizzes surveys countdown timers Privacy, the focal point We have been using customer data in digital marketing for years. In 2023, we will have to make privacy the focal point, as people take the protection of their personal data and who they share it with very seriously.

An information security incident can lead

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To legal proceings, financial loss and considerable damage to the company’s reputation and the trust of its customers. Changes in data privacy are already beginning to affect the ability of marketers to access data on consumer behavior. In recent years, mechanisms have been enact to protect consumers, such as the European Union Book Your List General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) and the California Consumer Privacy Act ( CPPA ). In September 2021, Apple introduc a privacy feature call Mail Privacy Protection ( MPP ). This update gives Apple users the ability to prevent email marketers from knowing when a message has been open, and also hides the user’s IP address. With Apple MPP, images are download when an email is receiv, artificially increasing open rates and impacting engagement metrics, such as click-to-open rate.

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