Going for an interview can be a nerve-racking experience

The industry-pulle publications. and all social meia. Do a complete review of what this company is all about.” says Eimear Walsh. Managing Partner of Alternatives and a Director of the Brightwater Group in our recent webinar. Remember that the interview isn’t just about the interviewer learning about you: it’s also about you demonstrating what you know about the company and why you’re a good fit. 2) Don’t be Vague They say the devil is in the details. and while you should try your best not to ramble in your interview. you should also make an effort to provide enough detail about your experiences.

The industry-pulle publications

 knowlege. and skills so the interviewer will get the full picture of your abilities. “If you’ve been shortliste for an interview. chances are on paper. the company feels you’re a really great fit for the role.” says Walsh. “Where people fall down short is limite answers. What I mean by that is not using examples to flesh out answers. not giving different scenarios or talking through an example of what you achieve. how you maybe overcame an issue with a colleague. or maybe how you reache a deadline quicker. whatever it might be.” This can be a balancing act because while you want to provide a lot of detail

Where people fall down short is limite answers.

 You also want to be to the point with your answers. Be clear about your skills and relevant experience. And tie these things into why they make you a good fit for the current position. Top tip: don’t use your resume as a crutch in the interview. If you’re aske to provide details. Don’t just reference what’s already on paper. Instead. Flesh out the ideas on your resume. And use the interview as an opportunity to connect your past experiences and skills with the role the agency nees to fill. Why choose dmi? 3) don’t sell yourself short an interview is your time to shine. And that means explaining why what you’ve done in the past makes you an ideal candidate for the future. Lots of people aren’t comfortable talking about themselves. But the interview is when you want to pull out all the stops and explain how the things you’ve already done have helpe others find success.

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