Health franchises advantages and disadvantages

Franchising is one of the most popular business models in recent times; something that has also extended to the health and wellness sector, with large chains opening new branches in many cities thanks to the interest of franchisees. If you are thinking about opening a clinic and you don’t know whether to set up one of those health franchises, in this post we reveal the pros and cons of this type of business.

Health Franchises: Advantages
Brand image: The franchisee is part of a brand that already has a reputation and notoriety among the public.

The franchisee does not start from scratch

Quick start-up: the help of the franchise to open the clinic in the shortest time possible.

Know How: In many cases, opening a franchise clinic involves extensive training by the franchisee, who transmits his outbound calling laws knowledge and keys to success to the franchisee.

Support: Franchise and franchisee establish a lasting relationship in which the franchisor provides constant support to the franchisee.

Lower economic risk: The economic risk is lower with the franchise than starting a business on your own.

Health Franchises: Disadvantages

Costs: In addition to the entry fees, in most cases the franchisee has to pay part of their profits permanently and on time in most cases.

The franchisee does not own the brand

Freedom: each franchise decides to give more or less freedom to its franchisees, but there will always be a certain degree of control, which sometimes limits freedom of action.

Linkage: the franchise will always be linked to the brand image. This means that if the brand suddenly has reputation problems, its bad reputation will affect all franchisees.

How much does it cost to open a health franchise in Spain
Emprendedores magazine gives the initial investments to start a franchise in our country:

Anytime Fitness: 1,000 euros/square meter
CEIO European Center for Oral Implantology: 199,000 euros
Dental Company: From 160,000 euros
Dietplus: From 25,000 euros
Ages, Elderly Care: 11,900 euros
Naturhouse: From 11,000 euros
Infinit Fitness 24/7: 500 euros per square meter
ADIVIDA Medical Centers: From 145,000 euros
Cottet: 170,000 euros
AMG Piojillos: Starting at 8,900 euros
Among the Book Your List best-known franchises, Naturhouse stands out in nutrition, Alain Afflelou, in opticians or Ages, a franchise specialized in the home help and elder care sector.

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