Updating useful content on Google for digital marketing

In August 2022, Google aske digital marketers to focus on creating original content that is useful to people instead of generating content that focuses solely on search engine optimization (SEO) . The useful content update indica that Google Updating useful content  intends to reward content and websites where visitors feel they had a rewarding experience. Have you notic changes in search visibility or traffic in Google Analytics or in your Search Console? Officially, the update finish rolling out in early September 2022, and the impact of the Updating useful content  update was limit unless your website categories includ pages with lyrics or ringtones. However, Google confirm: ” Over the coming months, we will continue to refine how the ranker detects unhelpful content and will continue to launch efforts to better reward content that puts people first.

How the update works

Despite the apparent little impact of the first rollout of the Useful Content Update , digital marketers and content creators have to take the information provid by Google very seriously. What else do we ne to know? How the update works Google has many USA Phone Number Data signals for ranking web pages and content. Useful Content Update is a new site-wide signal, where Google’s algorithm automatically identifies low-value or non-useful content using a machine-learning model . The signal is weight so some sites may experience more impact than others. It is interesting to note that with this update , user-generat content (such as user comments and reviews) will also be evaluat and measur.

Is SEO still important

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At this time, the useful content update only impacts global searches in English, but will eventually include other languages ​​as well. But what if your “people first” content is classified as not useful? How does this influence your rankings ? According to Book Your List Google, you may still rank well if other signals identify your “people first” content as relevant to the search query and therefore useful. In this case, removing non-useful content as soon as possible will be your best bet to give your quality content the best chance to rank. Is SEO still important? ” Are they typing a specific word count because they’ve heard or read that Google prefers a certain word count? (Nope, we don’t.

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