Why your customer abandon your cart

Please note that if you want to receive negative feeback, you must also respond to it instead of ignoring it. You can answer them politely with a message that will convey that you will try to improve your best next time. 10. Abandone wagons Have you figure out? There are several reasons why cart. Wait for more discounts. Complicate checkout process. Your e-commerce site does not have the selecte payment method. Pop-up subscription forms or some other way to fill in a lot of details usually annoys your customer, and so on. But Black Friday is one of the successful tips to prevent cart abandonment. Black Friday offers lucrative discounts and offers that help the customer with purchasing decisions.

The rewards to your new visitors

This may also cause you to add more items to your shopping cart. 11. Discount codes for Black Friday It is crucial to highlight your discount codes as database well as and loyal customers. By offering discount codes for your target audience, you help your e-commerce site get more traffic and conversions. It’s about using the right marketing strategy at the right time. Black friday 12. Free shipping Free is a word that affects people deeply psychologically.


The customer will abandon your shopping

Attract your customer for free to shop on Black Friday and also on other days on your e-commerce site. It is a useful tip to offer your customers free shipping and this directly contributes to their purchase decision. 13. A gift on minimum purchase of any Book Your list amount This scheme works as if you buy this fixe amount, you will receive a gift. This is like a win-win situation. You also sell and also help reuce your inventory with those items that were not sold for months.

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