What are the 9 SEO trends 2022

Mobile first. Do you remember when you first heard it? It was 2018 and since then this ranking factor has never abandoned us. Today 87% of users use mobile phones to browse the web and within a few years (the estimate is for 2025). It is expected that 73% of people will access the internet only via mobile devices. Although google always indexes from the desktop version of your site. It is necessary tostreng What are then the mobile version . Therefore, to improve your position on the remember to. Have the same main content on both desktop and mobile. Structure the pages following this main content. Reduce page loading time ensure simple and functional navigation .

Keywords and semantic searches What are

Seo evolves. The keywords we have worked on for years are no longer enough. Today google is asking for more: semantic search becomes the focus. Keywords are no longer under the magnifying glass. Google controls and analyzes the user’s entire search context. That is, try to understand the general intent of the request. From an seo perspective, this translates into the need to provide as much information as possible. Beyond primary and secondary keywords, to help google understand if our content is relevant to the query. So here are some ideas. Choose keywords so that they are closer to speech and specific. Use both blog articles and faqs to propose your content. Organize the texts with titles that are as close as possible to the queries.

Conversational and informal content What are

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As we said, for good positioning, keywords are not enough. We continue to work on quality content , according to the eat perspective. Which has been followed for years. What changes is the setting of the contents, less formal and increasingly oriented towards a conversational approach. The idea is to get as close to a conversation with users as possible. To do this you need to know. The people you talk to your buyer personas their purchasing path the customer journey. The channels they prefer for using the contents. These elements, in fact BO Leads  help you identify the interests. Curiosities and even problems of your audience, providing interesting ideas for your content. Don’t overlook the possibility of better understanding when to intercept them to offer exactly what they need..

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